John D. Duncan Dairy
(1908 - 1920)

Duncan cap picks - Dale Peacock

Regular neck bottles and pint regular neck, no D on back - Denis Morin

Pints heavy glass neck - Steve Lussier
First one : 66 Drummond !
First half pint with D on back and last one (no D) - Denis morin

1908 Postcard - Christian Paquin

Dairy acquired by "The Guaranteed Pure Milk Dairy" in 1920

Information found in an old Lovell:

Duncan John D. Co. (Licensee of The Walker-Gordon Laboratory Co.), John D. Duncan, pres., house address, 640 Dorchester West; Norman W. Lyster, manager, house address 589 Dorchester West, also table milk and cream, and nursery milk, 218 Mountain.

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